• We are
    Qatar Mining,
    resourcing responsibly

    Created by the State of Qatar, the company aims to find, review, invest in and operate projects across all stages of the mining lifecycle.

  • Managing &
    Developing B2B and G2G

    As well as B2B, part of our portfolio is managing and developing viable G2G opportunities in mining offered to the State of Qatar. The ultimate aim is to represent the State on all exploration and mining related matters in hard minerals.

  • Focusing
    on global

    Our commodity focus is driven by global demand and we consider opportunities across all geographies.

  • In Qatar Mining
    people are
    our greatest asset

    The health, safety and security of our people is at the heart of our operations.

    to the sustainability
    of the environment

    We are committed to the sustainability of the environment and communities in which we operate.

  • Developing

    We attract and develop world-class expertise in the mining sector.


About Qatar Mining

Qatar Mining Company (QM), wholly owned by the State of Qatar, was established in 2010 to undertake targeted, value accretive investments that maximize value for the State of Qatar through partnerships and investments in the mining and metals sector.

To date, QM has established two major projects. One is a subsidiary exploring in Sudan, with the project currently at an advanced exploration stage on a copper/gold porphyry deposit. The other project is a steel plant joint venture in Algeria.

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