About Qatar Mining

About Qatar Mining

Qatar Mining Company (QM), wholly owned by the State of Qatar, was established in 2010 to undertake targeted, value accretive investments in the mining and metals sector and to become an international, multi-commodity mining company by 2024. QM’s mandate is to enter the industry across the value chain: investing into currently operating assets; mining development projects and exploration plays from grassroots onwards, which will satisfy QM’s ultimate goal of being an operator as well as an active investor and partner in management.

One of QM’s objectives is to secure the supply of raw materials for Qatari-based industries and to focus investments on commodities where local and global demand is high.  QM is open to investment in opportunities as they occur around the world while at the same time maintaining its strategy of geographical diversification.

The company will create long term value for the State of Qatar by contributing to the diversification of the economy and increasing non-hydrocarbon revenues through investments in mineral projects in various jurisdictions.

Sustainability and transparency are at the heart of QM.  We are committed to the health and safety of our people and the sustainability of the environment and communities in which we operate.


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