Qatar Steel International

In late 2013, Algeria and Qatar signed a collaboration agreement to build a steel plant in Algeria. Qatar Mining, through its subsidiary, Qatar Steel International (QSI) and the Algerian side, through Sider Co. and National Investment Fund, both entered into a joint venture to create Algeria Qatari Steel Company (AQS). Ownership of AQS is split as 51% for the Algerian side and 49% for QSI.

The first and perhaps most important milestone for AQS was the construction of the Bellara steel complex in the Jijel region of Algeria. The management and ownership of the complex is in the hands of Algerian Qatari Steel Company. The complex is spread over an area of 216 hectares and in the first phase will count on a Direct Reduction Plant, two Steel Melting Shops and three Rolling mills, together with all the necessary auxiliary plants. Production capacity is expected to gradually increase, supplemented with flat product, reaching in phase (I) an annual output of two million tonnes of steel by 2019, and to 5 million tonnes annually over time.

More Details about the project can be found on Algerian Qatari Steel website.